Cryolipolysis is a new non-invasive treatment for targeting subcutaneous fat cells. It is a safe and effective treatment with no downtime for the client. It can treat the flanks, upper and lower abdomen, back fat pads, inner or outer thighs, upper arms, and chest area on male clients. The treatment creates a lipolytic action in the fat cell and can reduce overall fat by up to 40%. Results are not instant and can take up to 3 months to be fully visible. 

The term ‘Cryolipolysis’ is derived from two merged words. “Cryogenic”, which means to freeze, and “Lipolysis”, which means the breakdown of lipids, which involves hydrolysis of triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. In simple terms, this means the breakdown and removal of the fat cells. This is why this treatment is often called “Fat Freezing”.

Cryolipolysis offers a viable alternative to liposuction. It triggers a process called apoptosis to cause a natural cell death providing the targeted destruction of unwanted fat cells. It is a safe and effective treatment with no ‘downtime’ for the client.

 Cryolipolysis has been scientifically proven to be a safe and effective method of body contouring. The treatment has minimal discomfort and a high client satisfaction rate. Clinical trials have shown cryolipolysis treatments to be effective on between 20%-40% of the fat cells in the treated area in just one session. Fat cells are also permanently destroyed.

The treatment uses targeted cold exposure to produce selective fat reduction without causing harm to overlying skin or surrounding tissue.